bespoke services

event decoration

island interiors also offers a dressing service for homes or venues prior to events, parties and seasons such as Easter or Christmas. tell us your theme and we can work with you to transform a space for your special event, be it birthday, Christmas, new year, childrens birthday, anniversary, baby shower…

window frosting

privacy can feel like something of a luxury in today’s society. where your home is overlooked or constantly looked into by passers by, the decision to frost windows can make a world of difference. gone are the days of blocking the light or making the room feel like a cell, when done thoughtfully window frosting can give you the best of both worlds, privacy from prying eyes whilst maintaining a sense of the outside world to whatever degree you choose. with designs as simple as borders, to give a formal look to peter pan, wendy, john and michael’s flying silhouette, window frosting can be art that enhances the window and indeed the design of any room.


over the years Island Interiors has developed such a good working relationship with so many of our clients, for whom we return time and time again to work for, that a “Maintenance Division” has naturally evolved over time allowing us to take care of regular duties such as cleaning, gardening, laundry, window cleaning etc as well as seasonal jobs such as gutter clearing, jet washing, outdoor furniture etc. our clients already know and trust us in their homes and so we have become the perfect solution to the routine requirements of running a large property.